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My decision to become a hairdresser was made in 1991, when I helped my sister get ready for the Marine Corps ball. No detail left untouched, after the last hair was tucked and sprayed, the look on her face and the pep in her step was all it took for me to know that hairdressing was what I wanted to do.

I made my sister’s day. Or evening. Or night. Or all of the above. I was a day-maker.

To this day, seeing someone’s face light up after a fresh haircut or a complete transformation still makes me feel the same way it did in November of 1991. I’m still a day-maker.

Over the course of my twenty six year hairdressing journey, I have had so many wonderful experiences. Experiences that have really helped mold who I am as a hairdresser and has allowed me to really understand the power of being a day-maker. I stood on the sidelines of Kansas City Chiefs games at Arrowhead stadium - being one of the few who was entrusted to take care of the cheerleaders on game days and beyond. I have driven a few hundred miles to grasp as much color education as I could find to add to my tool box. I have flown to Vegas to congregate with 5,000 other hairdressers so we could learn, share stories and dance. I’ve learned to be a servant leader and help other hairdressers build their dreams. Continuing to learn, build and grow as a hairdresser and a leader has brought me to where I am today. I am beyond grateful that I get to take all of the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained to continue to help people put that pep in their step by creating beautiful looks for them; and be a day-maker.

When I am not behind the chair, my husband and me of twenty three years enjoy playing league tennis, volunteering with Husky Haven of Florida and taking care of our four Siberian Husky baby doggies: Zeppelin, Riley, Bear and Chloe.

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The choices that you make to enhance your natural beauty are very personal. I understand this completely. How I approach that is with thorough, honest consultations. What we do to create your desired look is very important to me. It’s an honor for you to trust MEG salon boutique with your beauty choices.







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