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With an open heart, a lot of faith, a huge love to create and be surrounded by beautiful things, Monique Gilchrist opened MEG salon boutique (MEG are Monique's initials). The knowledge and experience that spans over two and a half decades could meet the present and compliment the latest techniques and trends with some of the more traditional hair styling approaches.

“I believe people are looking for realistic options and solutions on how to approach their own unique style; to be able to stay hip and fresh regardless of what stage in life they are and by their own definition. Whether it's hair, clothing or accessories or all the above.”

Continuing to be surrounded by beautiful things, MEG salon boutique uses and provides for take home purchase, Davines (pronounced dav-in-ess) complementing the service experience that we provide. All products are available in our online shop.

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MEG salon boutique

The choices that you make to enhance your natural beauty are very personal. We understand this completely. How we approach that is with thorough, honest consultations. What we do to create your desired look is very important to us. It’s an honor for you to trust MEG salon boutique with your beauty choices.







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Our elevated salon experience will make you look and feel your most beautiful you.

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